Carmina is a DTC brand that creates toxin-free intimate care products.



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Why we invested

One morning browsing the internet I found an article from Harvard about the great environmental challenge of hygiene products for women. By then, we had already invested in Carmina, because its founders seemed to me to be two brilliant minds who in the future would position their company as one of the most relevant in the sector. But it wasn´t until that morning that it made perfect sense for Carmina to be part of our Portfolio: in addition to its market potential, we now clearly saw its great environmental potential.

May and Carlota were not only concerned with manufacturing a product that takes 497 years less to degrade than the average, but also designed a business model focused on reducing the ecological footprint generated from packaging until the product reaches the customer’s hands. Besides, the startup shares the vision of promoting the transformation of consumer behavior from disposable products to reusable products.

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