Technology platform focused on mobility and behavioral economics, designed to democratize the opportunity for both companies and individuals to participate in the carbon economy, with the potential to reduce 1/3 of global carbon emissions. Tram’s users accumulate incentives that can be exchanged in marketplaces for unique, desirable, and sustainable products and services. Tram certifies carbon emissions measurement (performance) and reductions to strengthen and validate sustainable actions. Additionally, through gamification and behavioral nudges, it enables users to lead an increasingly sustainable lifestyle.



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    USA and Spain


why we invest

At Rumbo Ventures, we highly value ambitious solutions when it comes to addressing climate change, and Tram is a prime example of this. Their goal to save 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2025 and a cumulative total of 195 million tons by 2030 exemplifies the ambition and steadfast commitment we seek. We chose to join this journey with Tram because we see innovation in their approach, offering a platform that empowers businesses to utilize Sensor Fusion, blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence for the measurement, tracking, and reduction of carbon footprints, engaging employees and customers on a global scale. TRAM’s strategy resonates with ecological awareness and employs rewards as a final incentive to foster sustainable habits. Furthermore, it creates a new carbon asset category based on the collective power of sustainable individual behaviors, paving the way toward a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future.

Mexican startup that offers a smart energy platform that provides data visualization, monitoring and analytical tools to empower customers to...

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