A startup founded by a Mexican PhD, which excels in identifying optimal sources for battery materials while significantly reducing the environmental footprint of production. Leveraging remote sensing and advanced AI technologies, LISUS locates sites abundant in critical minerals, ensures sustainability monitoring, and optimizes production processes.



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    USA and Mexico

Why we invested

At Rumbo, we firmly believe that one of the greatest challenges of this century will be meeting the ever-growing demand for critical minerals and metals while ensuring sustainable and responsible practices in their mining and sourcing. This is why we invest in Lisus, as they possess proprietary technology capable of identifying superior sources for battery materials and significantly reducing the environmental impact of their production. Additionally, Lisus is comprised of an exceptional team that showcases profound technical expertise, industry knowledge, and experience — the ideal combination to drive a startup towards success.



Mexican startup that offers a smart energy platform that provides data visualization, monitoring and analytical tools to empower customers to...

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