Our manifest

Setting a new path

It is often assumed that major changes must necessarily come from governments, political groups or the world’s most vibrant innovation hubs.

And, although it is true that historically these have been the places where people have tried to find answers to our usual problems, we believe that today there is another rumbo¹…

¹ Rumbo: In Spanish, a path that someone intends to follow in what they attempt or seek to do.

We are convinced that a real change of course can also be led by startups and people with extraordinary ideas and visions.

Today more than ever, entrepreneurs from Latin markets² and around the world have the knowledge, tools and perspectives to do so. All they need is a push.

This is the purpose of Rumbo, a Venture Capital firm that was born to be a trigger for the innovation needed to leave the carbon economy behind, electrify our transportation, optimize our food production, clean up our industries and protect nature.

² Latin Markets: Composed by Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

In other words, we exist to empower those who believe in a change for the planet and are ready to make it happen.

The challenge is enormous and the task very ambitious, so we will need bold and committed leaderships to achieve it.

So what do you say? Shall we set a new Rumbo together?

Why Rumbo?

Fernando Lelo de Larrea, our Founder and Managing Partner, explains the purpose of Rumbo Ventures, why we are here, and which kind of companies and projects we are willing to invest in.

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