Mexican startup that offers a smart energy platform that provides data visualization, monitoring and analytical tools to empower customers to improve their consumption and emissions. They provide objective, actionable solutions to facilitate and accelerate the transition to clean energy, powered by AI. They believe that thorough, actionable data is the missing piece to catalyze the clean energy transition, and they are solving that!



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why we invest

At Rumbo Ventures, we invest in startups like for a fundamental reason: they are addressing a critical issue affecting businesses and the environment in Latin America. The problem solves is the lack of knowledge about energy consumption that hinders companies from making optimal decisions. In a context where energy data seems to be locked in a “black box” controlled by outdated and monopolistic utilities, provides clarity and empowerment to businesses by offering visualization and analytical tools. We are confident that with their highly talented team and cutting-edge AI-powered platform, will contribute to the transformation and sustainability of the energy industry in Latin America.