This argentine company has developed a rapid, eco-friendly, and groundbreaking energy solution. It repurposes the harmful greenhouse gases, CO2 and CH4, into clean energy, cutting emissions and producing valuable graphene oxide for diverse industries.



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Why we invested

At Rumbo Ventures, our support Einsted stems from their proactive approach to addressing two critical industrial challenges. Firstly, in order to prevent global temperatures from exceeding the 1.5°C threshold, there’s an imperative to eliminate the equivalent of 53.5 Gtons of carbon dioxide annually. Secondly, the industry shoulders a substantial 22% of greenhouse gas emissions, lacking cost-effective solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. This Argentine company’s pioneering solution not only mitigates emissions but also provides an economically feasible pathway toward a more sustainable future in the industrial sector by transforming greenhouse gases into clean energy. Their vision perfectly aligns with our mission of catalyzing positive environmental change.

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