Rumbo Ventures is at the forefront of fostering climate tech innovations in the dynamic Latin markets.

Our mission is to drive impactful change and generate substantial financial returns through ethical and inclusive investments. We are committed to integrating ESG principles into our strategies, ensuring that every venture not only propels environmental and social progress but also upholds the highest standards of governance. Our vision is clear: to pave the way for a cleaner, more responsible future while maximizing value for our investors and stakeholders.


In our commitment to fostering a sustainable and equitable future, Rumbo Ventures integrates globally recognized frameworks.

Venture Climate Alliance Member

At Rumbo Ventures, as the only Ibero-American fund in the alliance, We are incredibly proud to be part of such a transformative initiative.

The venture capital industry plays a pivotal role in nurturing early-stage innovations that are set to redefine our world and address the urgent challenges of the climate transition. Through the VCA’s new framework and the forthcoming strategies, we are equipped to support the next generation of market leaders in their journey towards sustainability.

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Alignment with UN SDGs

We support initiatives that encourage the use of renewable energy sources and enhance energy efficiency.

We invest in solutions that improve urban living while maintaining balance with the environment.

Investments are directed towards companies that engage in sustainable production and waste reduction.

Investments are directed towards companies that engage in sustainable production and waste reduction.

We advocate for biodiversity conservation and the sustainable management of resources.

Alignment with the EU’s Sustainable Taxonomy Objectives

Alignment with the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Adhering to these principles, Rumbo Ventures reinforces its commitment to sustainability and joins a global community focused on responsible investment. This alignment enhances our insights, practices, and collaborative impact globally

Policies and ESG strategy

At Rumbo Ventures, we believe in the power of integrating sustainable and ethical practices with a deep commitment to diversity and inclusivity. These principles are not just add-ons but are central to our strategy. shaping the way we interact with our stakeholders, make investment decisions, and drive change.  By transparently sharing our policies, we invite you to understand our approach and join us in this journey

Impact Reports

Our Impact Reports crystallize our vision into quantifiable achievements, underscoring the concrete benefits our climate tech initiatives deliver across Latin markets. They provide a window into the tangible progress we’re making, reflecting our commitment to not just envision but enact meaningful change.

Impact Report. Portfolio Discovery 2023