Carpooling solution for companies, universities, and city councils. Through a mobile application it allows citizens to save costs, improve the comfort of their journeys and help to reduce congestion and pollution in cities.



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why we invest

The daily commute to work and university has become both frustrating and environmentally taxing, with people spending an average of 57 minutes to reach their destinations in major cities. Hoop addresses this issue by giving companies and students the chance to promote carpooling, which not only shortens commute times but also reduces the environmental impact. Furthermore, the team consisting of Carlos, Andrea, Paloma, and Nathan possesses the technical know-how and business vision to tap into a compelling market opportunity estimated at $9.249 billion globally (TAM).

 For Rumbo, investing in Hoop wasn’t just a financially promising decision; it’s also a commitment to enhancing people’s quality of life while making a positive environmental contribution.

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