Wish Foods, a Colombian company, strives to transform consumption habits by incorporating biodiverse foods into human diets, ultimately contributing to a healthier planet.

Their fishless sticks are made from a unique blend of La Sacha Inchi, a rich and nutty plant native to the Amazon rainforest, and La Guanabana, a tropical fruit. These little fingers have a crunchy sacha inchi crust and a fish-like texture with a subtle white fish flavor.



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Why we invested

Our current food system contributes to approximately 40% of the total GHG emissions each year. Moreover, harmful practices like monoculture and overfishing are diminishing the planet’s ability to sequester carbon. At Rumbo, we believe that a diverse diet incorporating ancestral ingredients is the pathway towards a healthy body and a sustainable planet. Furthermore, we have faith in the relentless drive and exceptional innovation practices that Russell and the Wish team continue to develop.



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