Silica is the leading startup in Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) technology in Latin America, pioneering scalable, permanent, and verified carbon dioxide removal (CDR). Their approach not only bolsters agricultural yields but also empowers low-income farming communities to benefit economically through the production and sale of carbon credits, enhancing livelihoods and driving environmental sustainability.



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why we invest

Agriculture is a significant source of income for Latin American economies, but it also represents a substantial source of greenhouse gas emissions in the region. For this reason, at Rumbo, we have decided to support Silica and its exceptional team. Founded in 2023 in Mexico, this startup excels in CO2 capture through enhanced rock weathering technology, with the potential to remove up to 50 million tons annually in Mexico alone, a crucial step toward meeting the Paris Agreement commitments. ERW is rapidly gaining traction as an evidence-based CDR technology, with clear market signals for scaled adoption.  Silica not only enhances agricultural yields but also enables low-income communities to benefit economically through the sale of carbon credits.

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