Rye is an innovative smart energy provider and energy management system (EMS) for multi-site businesses, focused on the quick-service hospitality (QSR) sector. Its model reduces energy costs and improves efficiency through unique demand profiles and full automation. By focusing on off-peak demand and aggregated energy procurement, Rye offers significant savings to its clients, supported by an experienced team in machine learning and energy.



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    United Kingdom

Why we invested

At Rumbo, we believe in supporting startups that create positive and sustainable impacts. We invested in Rye because its approach to energy management for multi-site businesses has the potential to transform the energy market. Rye addresses the critical issue of high energy costs faced by SMEs by utilizing advanced technological solutions that reduce energy costs by up to 20%. With its model of off-peak demand and aggregated energy procurement, Rye not only improves business profitability but also promotes a more sustainable and responsible use of energy resources. At Rumbo Ventures, we are convinced that Rye can lead the way towards a more efficient and greener future, and we are excited to be part of this transformative journey.



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