E6PR™ (Eco Six Pack Ring) is the first eco-friendly six-pack ring made from fiber by-product waste, designed to replace plastic rings, which are truly damaging our environment. The Eco Six Pack Ring performs as effectively as plastic in both dry and wet conditions and has been certified to ensure quality and functionality. The company has also developed three applicators to be used at an industrial level, from manual tools to fully automatic solutions. 



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Why we invested

Plastic production is contributing to CO2 emissions considerably, since 8% of global oil production is used to make plastic. Since 2018, plastic bans, multinationals’ pledges, and negative press on plastics, aim for a world free of single-use plastics by 2025-2030. E6PR is tackling the plastic pollution problem and leading the molded fiber packaging industry. Their material biodegrades in 12 weeks.



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