Tycho Solutions is a  technology company dedicated to empower clean energy project developers to save millions of dollars and months of work, by accelerating the evaluation of potential locations for solar, wind and hydrogen projects through geospatial services, which provide a broad spectrum of site-specific data in an instant.



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    Colombia & Mexico

Why we invested

At Rumbo Ventures we highly value multidisciplinary teams and we have a special level of trust for those with strong scientific credentials. When we spoke with Laura and Felipe, we were certain of the bright future that awaited Tycho and the environmental impact that it could have. What’s more, we have the same passion imprinted in our DNAs, promoting clean energy development projects, us through investment and them through technology.

Laura is a data scientist and Felipe is a mechanical engineer – dream team. They give us the certainty that soon we will be reading about them in the news as the founders of one of the most successful Latin American startups committed to removing obstacles to accelerating the energy transition through technology.



Mexican startup that offers a smart energy platform that provides data visualization, monitoring and analytical tools to empower customers to...