Zero Waste CO is a climate-tech committed to accelerating the path to Net Zero by addressing the global waste problem. They work at the intersection of food waste solutions and carbon markets. This startup secures funding for food waste minimization and valorization initiatives, helping them monetize their positive impact through verified high-quality carbon credits.

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Why we invested

We invested in Zero Waste CO because we believe in their ability to transform the current landscape and create a sustainable future for all. Their unique and courageous approach to tackling the global waste problem and accelerating the path to Net Zero is truly inspiring. Zero Waste CO shows us that it is possible to make a difference and generate a positive impact on the world through innovation and commitment. Their bold vision and passion for finding solutions to pressing environmental challenges are a beacon of hope in a critical time. By investing in Zero Waste CO, we are not only supporting a company but also endorsing a powerful idea: that together, we can build a greener, cleaner, and more prosperous future for future generations.

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